Art and Biblical Poetry

In the video below Dr Tim Mackie, a Bible scholar and co-founder of The Bible Project, a crowd funded Christian animation studio whose wonderful videos I feature quite regularly, explores how biblical poetry can powerfully inform and motivate the work of Christian creatives.

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Political Theology

Dr. Tim Mackie, an Old Testament scholar and co-creator of The Bible Project, in the video below offers a brief overview of the Bible’s vision of politics in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament. Continue reading “Political Theology”

Poetry in the Bible

I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time and it is finally here. The folks over at The Bible Project have begun their series on biblical poetry. In the first video below the introduce the nature of biblical poetry and some of its typical forms.

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The Tanakh

In the short video below The Bible Project takes us through how Jewish people have traditionally conceived of what Christians came to the call the Old Testament. Continue reading “The Tanakh”


As we have entered the Christmas season you’ll hear the word peace sung in many old carols and hymns. However, the world is still a very turbulent place and peace seems illusory. Jesus is famously called the “Prince of Peace” but what is the biblical understanding of peace? The folks over at The Bible Project have got us covered with a wonderful word study on peace in the Bible. Enjoy!  Continue reading “Shalom”

The Living Soul

A quick explanation of what the English word “soul” means in the Bible from the folks over at The Bible Project. Continue reading “The Living Soul”

Reading Aloud

The guys over at The Bible Project discuss the purpose of the Bible, why application is inapplicable, the power of reading the Bible publicly, and the origin of the sermon. Continue reading “Reading Aloud”