Alter on the Art of Reading Scripture

Noted literary critic and Bible scholar Robert Alter, as part of the conclusion to his seminal book The Art of Reading Biblical Narrative, offers below some very important remarks on what it takes to read the Bible: Continue reading “Alter on the Art of Reading Scripture”

Art and Biblical Poetry

In the video below Dr Tim Mackie, a Bible scholar and co-founder of The Bible Project, a crowd funded Christian animation studio whose wonderful videos I feature quite regularly, explores how biblical poetry can powerfully inform and motivate the work of Christian creatives.

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The OT and Me

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #28

This is sort of a review of my 2017 in biblical theology. (Yes, I know it is a bit late for this sort of thing but I think it is still worthwhile sharing.)  Towards the back half of last year, my passion for the Hebrew scriptures reached an all time high. I mentioned how it was such a pleasant surprise to realise that in that period I had come to love the Hebrew Scriptures as much as the New Testament. What I did not talk about was what I encountered in my deep dive in to the Jewish scriptures. The following is more or less a review of last year in terms of my theology. Continue reading “The OT and Me”

The Bible through Literary Eyes

“Now a question which may occur to at least some of you out here is, ‘What really does literature have to do with the Bible?’ After all the Bible is a collection of religious texts and to the extent you might talk about it as literature, you might be doing something rather frivolous, imposing merely aesthetic category on these texts. The fact of the matter is that there is no split, there is no contradiction, between literature and anything else, the greatest spiritual seriousness, the greatest philosophical probing. If you look at the texts that are assembled in the Hebrew Bible, the vast bulk of them are cast either in narrative or poetry, and it’s my contention that in order to see what is going on religiously, in order to see what is the precise nature of the monotheistic revolution effected by the biblical writers, you have to be able to understand the literary form in which they worked. By that understanding you get a more nuanced perception of how they saw human nature, how they saw society, how they saw history, and so forth.” – Robert Alter

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