Some thoughts on “The Prophetic Imagination”

The Prophetic Imagination by renowned Old Testament scholar and theologian Walter Brueggemann is a modern theological classic. Continue reading “Some thoughts on “The Prophetic Imagination””

The Confessions of a Post-Charismatic Christian

Over a decade ago, on the cusp of my teenage years, I plunged myself head first into what I later came to know as the Charismatic Movement (CM.) I had been attending a Pentecostal church all my life but returning to my motherland after spending a good deal of my childhood in the UK reignited my interest in the Christian faith. I remember the first church service we attended in an unfinished church building in my parents’ hometown. I was struck by the freedom of expression in the service, particularly the lively music and dancing. It was so good, so infectious, I found my body beginning to rhythmically jerk and before I knew it I was dancing. I hadn’t danced in church for so long and in that moment everything felt just right about what it. Living in the West the expression of faith is politely stifled but here in Ghana you are given the utmost freedom. In some sense you’re even expected to display it. In the Ghanaian religious furnace my passion for Christian faith had been reignited and I abandoned myself to the Pentecostal flames. Continue reading “The Confessions of a Post-Charismatic Christian”