Rethinking Heaven, Hell and New Creation with N.T. Wright

The lecture below represents and distils much of N.T. Wright’s significant contribution to Christian thought and theology over the last four decades. Continue reading “Rethinking Heaven, Hell and New Creation with N.T. Wright”

N.T. Wright at the Veritas Forum Finland

Leading New Testament scholar N.T. Wright answers various questions in the interview below. Continue reading “N.T. Wright at the Veritas Forum Finland”

The Life of Paul

N.T. Wright, one of the foremost experts on Paul in the world, delivers a talk and answers questions about his new book Paul: A Biography. Continue reading “The Life of Paul”

The Politics of Repentance

New Testament scholar Tom Wright in the excerpts below from his book Jesus and the Victory of God (SPCK, 1996), looks at some passages from the Jewish historian Josephus, who wrote at the time the gospels were being written, that give us crucial insights into what Jesus actually meant when he proclaimed “Repent!” (Mark 1:15; Matthew 4:17.) Continue reading “The Politics of Repentance”

The Son of Man and the Temple

Leading New Testament scholar N.T. Wright discusses the significance of the Temple and and Daniel 7’s “Son of Man” to Jesus’ self-understanding and divine mission. Continue reading “The Son of Man and the Temple”

Paul’s Background

One of the leading scholars of Paul in the world, N.T. Wright, discusses the world that shaped one of the most influential individuals in human history, Paul of Tarsus. Continue reading “Paul’s Background”

The Jesus Shema

In a previous post on the earliest Christian creeds, I left out 1 Corinthians 8:6:

Continue reading “The Jesus Shema”