Hurtado on Preexistence and other Questions

Leading New Testament scholar Larry Hurtado addresses various questions regarding New Testament Christology.

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Well, my postings over the last couple of days have certainly generated a number of responses, including several rather vigorous ones, and have raised some entirely understandable questions.  Instead of responding to the comments individually (thereby burying both questions and my responses down in the “comments” material), however, I thought I’d try to address them here in this blog-posting.  I’ll try to be as concise as clarity allows, but this will be a somewhat “longish” posting.

1.  First, in response to my emphasis that the NT makes God’s actions (esp. in raising Jesus from death and giving him glory) the basis for the “high” Christological claims and the remarkable devotional practice in which Jesus was included with God, what about the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ miracles, authoritative actions, etc.?  Doesn’t this suggest that Jesus was actually exercising his divine power during his earthly life?

The first thing to note is what the…

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In Fairness to the Pharisees (Part 2)

A few weeks ago I posted something on the Pharisees. They were an issue I had wanted to address for a long time because they have been unfairly characterised in the Christian world. “Pharisee” is now a Christianese synonym for “hater.” The truth is the Pharisees as a group are not just stock villains in Christian sermons but are actually very important, even to today’s Christian. Continue reading “In Fairness to the Pharisees (Part 2)”

The Hammer and the Oil

In a previous post, the so called “inter-testamental” period was briefly explored as critical to understanding the radical, sometimes jarring, changes that emerge when we transition from the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament. The New Testament does not even bother giving a quick heads up and takes things for granted because they are addressing an audience familiar with the times. As modern readers we have to put in a bit of work before we can understand their era.

One of the defining events of the past as far as the New Testament and Jewish history in general is concerned is the Maccabean Revolt. Continue reading “The Hammer and the Oil”

Composite Quotations

Any attentive reader of the New Testament will notice how it quotes the Old Testament is often pretty weird. Sometimes it seems pretty arbitrary and other times it looks like it is misquoted. If you have ever wondered about this and how the New uses the Old in general, the following interview of New Testament scholar Seth Ehorn certainly helps address these questions. The interview, which is for Deeper Waters Podcast, is centred on his two-volume series he co-edited with Sean Adams Composite Citations in Antiquity (Vol. 1 2015, Vol. 2 2018, T&T Clark.)

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In Fairness to the Pharisees

The following transcript is an excerpt of an interview where archaeologist and Bible scholar Marc Turnage responds to the issue of the Pharisees and their negative image among Christians.

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