Tongues Speaking in the Early Church

I have realised that when it comes to tongues speaking we have read a lot of modern practices and ideas into the New Testament instead of them being supported by the text. Continue reading “Tongues Speaking in the Early Church”


The Bible and the Development of the Trinity (Pt. II)

In the first part I began to look at problems with how developmental language is sometimes used with regard to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and its relation to the New Testament (NT). In this post I I examine what’s wrong with characterizing what the NT has to say about the relationship between God, Jesus and the Spirit as “undeveloped”. Often “undeveloped” means it was not adequately thought out and articulated, that is, it is rudimentary, unsophisticated or immature. Continue reading “The Bible and the Development of the Trinity (Pt. II)”

Recovering Biblical Music for Today

I have written many times on the state of contemporary Christian music. Overall I am generally not impressed with Christian music both in Ghana and internationally. While there is and will always be good Christian music unfortunately a large proportion of contemporary music is just not good enough. This assessment goes beyond my own subjective musical tastes and looks at the substance of the music, particularly the lyrical content. Continue reading “Recovering Biblical Music for Today”

God in Christ

The following is an excerpt from leading New Testament scholar Larry Hurtado‘s little known gem of a book God in New Testament Theology (Abingdon Press, 2010): Continue reading “God in Christ”

The Missing Trinity

When I was in Sunday School there was a time where my friends and I would gather afterwards, while we were waiting for the adults to finish, to talk about things related to God. I was usually the facilitator of the discussion and on one such occasion someone asked me to prove the Trinity. That was one heck of a thing to ask a 12 year old. For a split second I was absolutely stunned by the magnitude of the question after which I immediately realised I had never actually thought about it myself prior to the moment I was asked. Thinking quickly on my feet I quoted the most Trinitarian passage I could think of.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… (Matthew 28:19 ESV)

There you have it, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity clearly stated in the Bible. For most people evidence of the Trinity in the Bible simply consists of finding proof texts like that or 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 or others. The trouble is things are not so straightforward. Continue reading “The Missing Trinity”

Jesus Politics

“Christ’s biggest issue is not found on the platforms of modern political parties. Instead, Jesus calls the entire world to give allegiance to him above country, company, or any other community.” Continue reading “Jesus Politics”

The National Son of God

I have known for a few years now that Jesus is portrayed in the New Testament as the embodiment of Israel. Continue reading “The National Son of God”