Going Small

I have been interested in the house church movement for a long time even though I have not had the opportunity to actually experience one. In this wonderful interview Francis Chan talks about his journey from leaving a successful megachurch to pastor house church. He shows how small churches are a viable and biblical alternative. There is much to learn from this conversation. If you also belong to a house church I’d love to hear about your experience. Continue reading “Going Small”

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #24

The Blogger and the Preacher

If you are a regular church goer like myself, over the years you have probably listened to hundreds if not thousands of sermons. If we are going to be honest with ourselves not all sermons are created equal. Some months back I wrote a piece about sermons which was inspired by something I learnt about C.S. Lewis which was at first a little disconcerting. He and his brother Warren enjoyed listening to sermons… and grading them. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #24”

The Truth about Evangelism

When you are really familiar with something it is often hard to get surprised by it. When it comes to the Bible there are always new things to learn in terms of understanding what it means. Now when it comes to what is written in the text there isn’t really much new, especially if you have been reading it all your life. A few months back I was reading a fairly old article which drew my attention to something I had never seen in the text before. What was really interesting was not what was written but rather what wasn’t. Continue reading “The Truth about Evangelism”

Women and Ministry with Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs

The task of empowering women in the Church in a biblical manner is very important to me. As I was exploring the issue of biblical womanhood this week (and coming to some unexpected conclusions) I stumbled on jeremiahgibbs.com, an excellent blog which offered me some important new biblical insights on this all important matter. (Him being a fellow N.T. Wright fan also didn’t hurt.) Click here to go directly to his page on “Women and Ministry” which offers thoughtful contributions to the topic. I particularly learnt a lot from his series The Bible Says Women Should Lead.

413, not about me

Philippians is one of Paul’s prison letters. He wrote it about a decade after his first visit to the ancient city. A lot had happened in Paul’s life. A lot of

Continue reading “413, not about me”

Kingdom Work II

Now if ministry is not the monopoly of some in the Church but the responsibility of every child of God, how do we go about it? “In whatever we do, in word or in deed” how do we honour Jesus? Continue reading “Kingdom Work II”

Kingdom Work I

A couple of weeks ago I had a very stimulating conversation with a friend I had not seen in about a year. Continue reading “Kingdom Work I”