Philippian Citizenship?

When talking about being a citizen of heaven the go to passage is Philippians 3:20. It says literally says our “citizenship is from heaven.” Those who know a little bit more about the historical background of Philippians will know that Philippi was a Roman colony and will make the connection that the kind of citizenship Paul alludes to isn’t about going to heaven but rather representing heaven on earth.  These are associations I have made myself in the past and recently however, things are not so simple. Continue reading “Philippian Citizenship?”

Theological senses

For more than a year, I have been carefully thinking about the meaning of the gospel and I thought I had come to a fundamentally secure understanding of what it was in the New Testament. I was getting ready to write an article about it when I came across an article that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Continue reading “Theological senses”

From the Old to the New and back

To get to the NT we must go through the OT. This often means if we are to understand where we are in the NT, we have to retrace our steps from the Old to properly understand how we got to the New. The “progress” in progressive revelation actual matters so we cannot miss steps or take shortcuts on the journey to meaning since we are heading forwards in a very specific direction to a very specific destination. Continue reading “From the Old to the New and back”

A Word of Caution on Symbols

The relationship between the testaments is obviously very important to Christians. There is a common tendency to describe certain things or events in or from the Old Testament (OT) as symbols of things or events that are original to the New Testament (NT). This is a legitimate interpretive approach to the OT since it is something the NT itself does. The Letter to the Hebrews, for example, is famous for this. However, lately the way this hermeneutic is often applied has been bothering me. Continue reading “A Word of Caution on Symbols”

The Problem with Christocentric Readings

Christocentric readings of the Bible have been around for a very long time but they have fairly recently come in vogue among theologically erudite Christians. Now there are different understandings of what it is but it literally means seeing Christ at the centre of whatever you read in the Bible. While I have appreciated the sincere sentiment behind it I have always been suspicious of it. Continue reading “The Problem with Christocentric Readings”