Prophet William Wadé Harris

One man preached the Gospel in West Africa for nine years and only converted 52. But another man preached the same Gospel just for two years and 120,000 adult West Africans believed and were baptized into Christianity.

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Folk Christianity (Part 3)

Ghanaian Christianity and Ancient Israelite Religion

Folk Christianity is what happens when Christianity is so compromised by the culture that it is no longer distinctive. The folk believer is not even aware their version of Christianity is a significant departure from biblical Christianity. As I explained in the previous installments and several other posts, this is the state of Ghanaian Christianity.

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The Story of Pentecost in Ghana

Pentecostal and Charismatic forms of the Christianity are overwhelmingly the dominant forms of Christianity in Ghana. By Charismatic and Pentecostal I am referring to a type of theology which is part of a loose global movement and not necessarily churches or denominations that have those words in their names. Without understanding Pentecostalism you cannot understand Ghanaian Christianity. The question is how did we get here?

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The problem with Christian music

The video below looks at the problem with American Christian music.

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Folk Christianity (Part 2)

The Global Phenomenon and its Local Expressions

Christianity originally began in 1st century Roman Palestine as a Jewish renewal movement and quickly spread all over the Roman Empire.

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Folk Christianity (Part 1)

Introducing the Concept

While I was writing about what I call “pop theology” I stumbled on a very similar concept called “folk religion.”

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History and the Ghanaian Church

One of the reasons for this platform is to offer critical reflection on the state of Ghanaian Christianity. This is something that is sorely lacking in the Christian landscape but I think it is pretty evident that we dearly need it.

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