Story Time

“What time is it?” It’s the question we have all asked but have we ever paused to consider what we mean by it? Of course we know what we mean by it, don’t we? The average person just wants to know what the clock says but the answer to the very profound question of the nature of time is something we simply assume. We take it for granted that it exists, it happens to us, it’s inescapable and it moves inexorably forward. Since we perceive time as a basic reality that is fundamental to even our most mundane experiences, it seems almost ridiculous to pause long enough to reflect on what it actually is, while life steams relentlessly forward. We see it as a lived reality not a subject of reflection. Time is like a wrist watch, it always goes with us, we want to know what it says but never bother to find out what makes it tick. Continue reading “Story Time”

History and the Mission of God

Around the turn of the New Year Lesslie Newbigin’s name came up a lot on this blog and even more so in my reflections. The first time I heard of him came from a staple name on this site, N.T. Wright. He came up in a section of a talk which I think was about the impact of the gospel on the world. Anyway he featured in other talks of Wright’s sufficiently enough to put him on my radar. As I started learning more about him I recognised this English missionary had made great important contributions to both the church and the academy. One of the things I first noticed is his similarity in thought to N.T. Wright, especially when it comes to the power of story and the gospel being a this worldly affair. I was glad to discover in an excerpt of an interview that Wright gave that this was no mere coincidence. Continue reading “History and the Mission of God”

The Challenge of Interpretation

Towards the tail end of the year I had a series of highly stimulating conversations with a friend of mine. They covered a lot of ground but they all revolved around the question of whether Jesus is the prophesied messiah of the scriptures. Continue reading “The Challenge of Interpretation”

Integrating Work and Theology

I do not often use the word “powerful” to describe something but in the case of the following presentation I think the epithet is well deserved. Continue reading “Integrating Work and Theology”

Scripture in the Real World

The Bible is described as quite a few things. One of the most popular descriptions, which I personally despise the most, is that the Bible is a manual. (I did an entire post on why I hate that so much.) One of the most interesting comparisons I have ever come across is that the Bible is like the HBO hit show Game of Thrones (GoT.) I read it no less in a popular Christian magazine. What makes the comparison very interesting to say the least, is that the work of George R.R. Martin is very far from being family friendly. Apart from the cool factor for Christians in communicating their views to use pop culture references I believe it is hinting at something very important. Continue reading “Scripture in the Real World”

Types of Law in the Bible

From my first post in this series exploring law in the Bible, I have stressed the complexity of the topic and therefore the need to develop a more sophisticated understanding of what it is, how it works, and most importantly, what God expects of us. I observed four types of law in scripture. Moral law, legal code, covenant and narrative. In this post I will further refine these categories, elaborate on them and show how they fit together in scripture.

Continue reading “Types of Law in the Bible”

The Origin Story of a People

The Book of Genesis, there is a reason why it is the first book of the Bible. The English title is from the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew title Berešit, which means beginning, the same word is used in the first line of the book. As the name implies it is a book of origins, an account of how things began. What sort of beginning is it talking about, how does it fit in with the rest of scripture, and what relevance does it have for today? Continue reading “The Origin Story of a People”