Political Theology

Dr. Tim Mackie, an Old Testament scholar and co-creator of The Bible Project, in the video below offers a brief overview of the Bible’s vision of politics in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament. Continue reading “Political Theology”

Poetry in the Bible

I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time and it is finally here. The folks over at The Bible Project have begun their series on biblical poetry. In the first video below the introduce the nature of biblical poetry and some of its typical forms.

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Scripture and Science

A four part series called Scripture and Science: An Accord which proposes an alternative to scientific concordism.

  1. Surveying the Options.
  2. Introducing Accodism.
  3. Science on Scripture.
  4. Scripture on Science.

The Bible and its Final Forms

Most people think there is one single form of the Bible which either exists or is lost. Even Bible scholars talk about the “original text” of a biblical book. The truth is the story of the Bible is more complicated and interesting than that. Continue reading “The Bible and its Final Forms”

History, the Bible and rethinking Apologetics

At the beginning of the year, I gave a makeshift review of what I had learnt theologically in the previous year. As I said The Memoirs of God: History Memory and the Experience of the Divine in Ancient Israel by Mark S. Smith, an Old Testament scholar, caused me to rethink the Old Testament and how I thought about the Bible in general. It was the biggest paradigm shift I had experienced in the last few years. The realization was the Bible is not a history text book.

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Scripture and Science: An Accord (part 4)

Scripture on Science

So far I have talked mostly about the impact science makes on the reading of scripture. Now I want to talk about what scripture might have to say about science. Continue reading “Scripture and Science: An Accord (part 4)”

Scripture and Science: An Accord (part 3)

Science on Scripture

When science and scripture are in dialogue, even though they are very different languages, they sometimes genuinely sound quite similar. There is a theological approach in scripture where observations are made about the natural world and from that insights are drawn on the character of the one who made it. This is classically called natural theology which is done from the bottom up. When it is done carefully, being circumspect about what nature can tell us about its God, there are great examples of how it can be a very fertile endeavour. I also want to suggest that on the other hand biblical theology can prepare us to anticipate or at least come to terms with certain things about natural discoveries. Continue reading “Scripture and Science: An Accord (part 3)”