Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for Today

One of the most well-known phrases in the New Testament about music is that we should sing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” which is found in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16. We need to know what this little phrase means to properly understand the scriptures and so we can properly live it out today. So what are psalms, hymns and spiritual songs?

First of all, what Paul and the early believers understood as music was obviously conditioned by their time. Obviously, music varies from culture to culture and from era to era. So for instance when the New Testament talks about hymns it clearly does not mean what we call hymns today. Therefore, we need to understand in historical context what the well-known phase meant. Continue reading “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for Today”

Creation Song

Many Christians while watching a good nature documentary are awestruck by the majesty of creation and their hearts fall prostate before the creator of such ineffable splendour. This happened to me last year when I watched series one of the critically acclaimed David Attenborough documentary Planet Earth. Continue reading “Creation Song”

Why Christian movies suck

Below is a thoughtful video essay by YouTuber Josh Keefe on why Christian movies are so awful.

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My thoughts on the music Christians make

A series of posts on the state of Christian music.

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The problem with Christian music

The video below looks at the problem with American Christian music.

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Art and Biblical Poetry

In the video below Dr Tim Mackie, a Bible scholar and co-founder of The Bible Project, a crowd funded Christian animation studio whose wonderful videos I feature quite regularly, explores how biblical poetry can powerfully inform and motivate the work of Christian creatives.

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The Music Church People Make IV

The Christian Hip Hop Debate

In this series of posts I have been examining the contemporary relationship between Christians and music. I have looked at the options and responsibilities available to both the Christian creative and consumer of art. I focused on the specific medium of music because it is an ideal entry art form into the larger discussion of the intersection of faith and art. I am not discussing music just for its own sake. Music is so ubiquitous it is a grounded, easily accessible reference point for talking about art in general. I am not as interested in the content of individual pieces of music as I am in the ideas and ways of thinking that inform the music we make. Music in particular plays such a vital role in Christian life it is important that we understand the art form and how art in general works.

Throughout these posts, Christian hip hop (CHH) has been very prominent, the most obvious reason being I love CHH. I do not listen to too much of it nowadays but as a genre it has been very influential in informing my musical palate. Through it I began to appreciate and fully enjoy the wider parent genre of hip hop. As much as music is a great for discussing art in general, I think hip hop as a genre is great for discussing contemporary music. Continue reading “The Music Church People Make IV”