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His Sufferings

I have been posting a lot of material on global Christian persecution. Hundreds of millions of people are facing some form of hostility because of their identification with the Messiah. The situation is far from pretty, even dire in several places. They are not mere statistics but real lives, with personal stories of suffering. It is a very uncomfortable thing and I have found we, at least in my context, just do not want to deal with it. Fortunately, for many of us persecution is something happening way out there. So there is an indifference bred in us by comfort and convenience. We often relegate it to the general suffering and injustices that go on in the world daily. Yet being Christians there are important reasons not to ignore it, the greatest in my estimation being Jesus himself. Continue reading “His Sufferings”

Bearing the Cross

How do Christians behave when they are persecuted? Under Caesar’s Sword is a collaborative global research project aimed at answering just that. Continue reading “Bearing the Cross”

Contemporary Christian Suffering

As part of a series of posts on Knowing your Brother, that is, appreciating the global state of Christianity, I want to address the very difficult issue of persecution. Continue reading “Contemporary Christian Suffering”

Why we think cultural Christianity in Ghana will last

Why do we think everything is A-OK? In previous posts I have argued that scripture never guarantees the faith will continue in a particular part of the world, much less the syncretic, culturally adulterated version we have in Ghana. Continue reading “Why we think cultural Christianity in Ghana will last”

Why cultural Christianity in Ghana will not last (P. II)

In the first part described the church as a social group. It is certainly no less than that but it is definitely more and it is that which should make us even more wary of complacency. We are not a mere social club but the church of the living God. Of course many Christians are aware of that but wrongly conclude that the church they are in is safe. ‘Surely, if this is something God himself has ordained it will last forever,’ they reason. Even though Jesus faced trouble and told his disciples to expect the same, they will point to passages like he will build his church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. As I will demonstrate, this line of thought is theologically flawed on several accounts. Continue reading “Why cultural Christianity in Ghana will not last (P. II)”

Why cultural Christianity in Ghana will not last

A few weeks ago I wrote an article saying that if we continue in the direction we are currently heading, the Ghanaian church in the future could collapse. When discussing it with my friends they were quite incredulous to say the least. One thought I was being quite ridiculous. As I defended my position it came down to two sets of related arguments that is, historical reasons and theological reasons for why we should at least entertain the possibility. You can see my historical arguments in summary threshed out in a previous post using major examples of  like Europe and the Middle East, which have ancient Christian heritages which today are in danger. History and learning from it are central to the biblical narrative so I am certain the ominous words of George Santayana ring especially true for the believer, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.’ Continue reading “Why cultural Christianity in Ghana will not last”