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The Living Soul

A quick explanation of what the English word “soul” means in the Bible from the folks over at The Bible Project. Continue reading “The Living Soul”

On Still Being a Protestant ‘From a Protestant Point of View’: Contra Hauerwas


Today is a special Reformation Day. On this day, Protestants everywhere celebrate the 500th anniversary of the “beginning” of the Reformation—Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg Castle. Or at least some of us do. Others seem to have trouble remembering what the whole thing was about.

hauerwasTake Stanley Hauerwas. Last week he wrote up something of a rambling rehash of his ambivalence over the whole affair, and a defense (of sorts) for why he remains a Protestant despite the fact he doesn’t, “see the gulf between us and our Catholic brothers and sisters as particularly pronounced.” He has reasons. Like the fact that his wife is ordained, and that he thinks his position as a Protestant allows him to keep Rome honest about its claim to be the “one true Catholic Church.” On his telling, though, most of the reforms the Reformers…

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Crash Course on the Reformation

The Protestant Reformation is one of the most significant events in human history yet most people, even Protestants, know nothing about it. In honour of its 500th anniversary which falls today, below is a great primer on the world changing period.  Continue reading “Crash Course on the Reformation”

The Bible of the Early Church

New Testament professor Ben Witherington explains the type of Bible the early Church used. Continue reading “The Bible of the Early Church”

A Quick Note on Contextual Theology

“Contextual theology” is a term most people have not heard of but it is a very important idea in missions and missiology. Andrew Wilson offers here a quick guide through some of the debates surrounding the idea which yields concise explanation of what the term means.

Adopting metaphors

Is it really just a metaphor? The question of metaphorical versus literal has been touched upon before on this blog but in this interview it is taken to a whole new level. New Testament scholar, Dr. Erin Heim discusses the concept of metaphor and then applies it to the question of what Paul meant by adoption. This the subject of her latest book Adoption in Galatians and Romans: Contemporary Metaphor Theories and the Pauline Huiothesia Metaphors. Now the stuff to do with modern metaphor theory is a bit challenging but it is well worth paying close attention to.

Frankly, I really enjoyed this episode and I learnt so much from it. You can visit here for more information on this eye opening OnScript episode.