The Man I Want to Be

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #13

In this series I have often talked about my influences, particularly people who have shaped my understanding of things that are important me. Today, being Father’s Day, I want to mention my greatest influence, my dad. Continue reading “The Man I Want to Be”

The humility of knowing that you don’t know

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #12

Knowledge is a funny old thing. Continue reading “The humility of knowing that you don’t know”

Appreciating a different perspective

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #11

On this blog and in this particular series, I often talk about looking at things from a different perspective. Sometimes (maybe all the time) I come off as listen to a different argument, ideology or something like that and see if it makes sense. Of course this is something we must all do but I mean even more than the rigours of critical thinking. Continue reading “Appreciating a different perspective”


The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #10

I remember in Junior Secondary School being taught the signs of biological life. One of these signs of life is growth. I believe that is true of real life in general. You are not living until you are learning, maturing and changing holistically. Continue reading “Changes”


The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #9

In Secondary School the book God’s Generals was very popular among all those on “fire for God.” I was one of those people. Continue reading “Extrabiblical”