A Flag and a Bible

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #18

Our country is in trouble. Our debt stock has never been higher since the economic meltdown of the year 2000. We also have a  national power crises with no discernible end in sight. A couple of days ago I had only an hour and a half of power. It’s even affected how I blog. Business are being shut down due to the power situation. The cost of power when it is available is high and when it isn’t available the fuel to run generators is also pricey. Even though international fuel prices have globally reduced, in our country it is still high. Civil servants are not being paid and government institutions are struggling to run. The current government is too inept to actually solve the problems. I could go on and on. As I was talking with my parents about these things I could only humorously quip, “At least we aren’t Zimbabwe.” Continue reading “A Flag and a Bible”


Super Spiritual

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #17

If you are a Christian the super spiritual is the type of person you either are, once was, or will be. You have at least encountered one before. If you are confused by what I mean by “super spiritual” they go by other monikers with many local variations which all tend to be some form of mockery. “On fire”, “brother/sister in the Lord, “holier than thou”, “holly roller”, “Jesus freak”, “sanctimonious”, “weird”, “hypocritical”, and a slew of other names often used to describe them. Continue reading “Super Spiritual”

Power and Human Nature

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #16

It’s not every day that you learn something profound about life while watching a movie. This happened to me while I was watching Will’s Smith movie Concussion. Continue reading “Power and Human Nature”

Scandal… again

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #15

This week another scandal hit the church. Don’t you just get tired of hearing these things? I do. This time it was another usual suspect, a prophet. Continue reading “Scandal… again”

Satire in Church

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #14

This week I decided to do a satire. I had been thinking for a while of how to effectively criticise Christian fellowships and churches run by authoritarian figures. I had been in such fellowships myself and I wanted to openly talk about some of the evils that went on in them. None of them were peculiar to that group and I found they were quite common among such types on campuses and communities all over. I figured satire was a good way to talk about them. Continue reading “Satire in Church”