The End of the Royal Arc

Pilgrim’s Pensieve #32

My recent realisation of an underlying royal narrative is an important milestone in my journey exploring Scripture. The name of this blog is a reference to John Bunyan’s story because Christianity for me has been an exciting journey of a pilgrim seeking understanding. So this blog has been somewhat of a travelogue in my expeditions into understanding Scripture. Continue reading “The End of the Royal Arc”

On Enzymes and Providence

Pilgrim’s Pensieve #31

A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of one of my favourite podcasts from the BBC where they discussed enzymes. As the panel of scientists talked the host was blown away by the ingenuity of these biochemical catalysts. So he asked a question to the effect that since enzymes are so remarkable and clever, doesn’t it seem as if they were designed?

The room became silent for a moment. Continue reading “On Enzymes and Providence”

A New Interest

Pilgrim’s Pensieve #30

I love biblical theology. Even though I am not a professional I have great passion for it. (I say so right on the home page.) However, I do not have much love for systematic theology (systematics for short.) Continue reading “A New Interest”

A Theological Maverick

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #29

From time to time, as one does, you psychoanalyze yourself. This year I have been tackling some of the more controversial things in Christian theology. I noticed that maverick streak is still in me. Continue reading “A Theological Maverick”

Things are about to get crazy (if they already haven’t)

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #28

Maybe not “crazy”, just controversial. Continue reading “Things are about to get crazy (if they already haven’t)”