The OT and Me

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #27

This is sort of a review of my 2017 in biblical theology. (Yes, I know it is a bit late for this sort of thing but I think it is still worthwhile sharing.)  Towards the back half of last year, my passion for the Hebrew scriptures reached an all time high. I mentioned how it was such a pleasant surprise to realise that in that period I had come to love the Hebrew Scriptures as much as the New Testament. What I did not talk about was what I encountered in my deep dive in to the Jewish scriptures. The following is more or less a review of last year in terms of my theology. Continue reading “The OT and Me”


Church apathy and discipleship

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #27

For a while now I have been struggling with church. Continue reading “Church apathy and discipleship”

A New Love for the Old

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #26

Yesterday I suddenly realised that I love the Old Testament. Continue reading “A New Love for the Old”

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #25

Lost Direction

My first ever post in this series was more or less my manifesto. Coming from a Pentecostal/Charismatic background I’ve seen the movement’s brilliance but also its shortcomings, which I have personally experienced and been harmed by. I am not willing to throw out the baby with the bath water but the movement does need a reformation. On my part I do not hold any pretensions that I can save Pentecostalism but I do want to recover for myself a biblical vision of a charismatic faith. I’ve made quite a lot of progress pursuing some tough questions even though many still remain. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #25”

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #24

The Blogger and the Preacher

If you are a regular church goer like myself, over the years you have probably listened to hundreds if not thousands of sermons. If we are going to be honest with ourselves not all sermons are created equal. Some months back I wrote a piece about sermons which was inspired by something I learnt about C.S. Lewis which was at first a little disconcerting. He and his brother Warren enjoyed listening to sermons… and grading them. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #24”

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #23

The fuss with judging

I began to write on one of those popular slogans that really bothers me, the whole “don’t judge” mantra. First of all, I wanted to tackle how grossly unbiblical it is, address some of the reasons why it is popular, and finally say what we lose out on when we get rid of judgment. What I thought will be a quick article to write up, as many of my posts turn out to be, became more complicated and challenging than I had anticipated. I had to wrestle with the larger issue of justice of which judgment is a crucial subset. I was hitting so many road blocks as I tried to say what I wanted through different approaches. Then it finally hit me. Though I recognized there needed to be conversation on the oft neglected virtue and power of justice, my own views on it had not matured enough to write incisively and coherently about it. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #23”

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #22

My Love/Hate Relationship with Bible Study

One of the things I love to do is study to study the Bible but one of the things I really dread is going to church Bible study. A good example of this love/hate relationship I have with Bible study is something that happened two weeks ago. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #22”