A Comprehensive View of Marriage

““The last few years have seen considerable debate about same-sex marriage, especially between evangelical Christians and non-Christians. This debate is evidence of vastly different understandings of marriage between the two groups. Or so you would think.”

In his recent book, Mere Sexuality: Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality, Todd Wilson argues that we actually face a very different problem: Christians and non-Christians do not have vastly different views on marriage; they are actually sharing the same view of marriage, and that is a precarious position for the Christian who believes that the Bible restricts marriage to opposite sex couples. Continue reading “A Comprehensive View of Marriage”


Getting gospel music right

When it comes to Christian music people usually do not use the more apt designation and prefer to call it “gospel music” or “gospel” for short. The Grammy’s for instance have a gospel category which all Christian music falls under. While its part of everyday parlance, I think there are a few reasons why the terms should not be conflated.

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Creation Song

Many Christians while watching a good nature documentary are awestruck by the majesty of creation and their hearts fall prostate before the creator of such ineffable splendour. This happened to me last year when I watched series one of the critically acclaimed David Attenborough documentary Planet Earth. Continue reading “Creation Song”

Trip Lee – Sweet Victory

The following song is of pastor and rapper Trip Lee’s fifth studio album Rise (2014.) Sweet Victory is regarded by many as the standout song of that project. On it he talks about his struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a rare debilitating condition which as the name suggests leaves the person who has it always tired no matter how much rest the person gets. He was diagnosed with it when he was 19 years and it has affected every area of his life, which he alludes to in the song.

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Rethinking the Types of Christian Music

As I have been exploring the question of what music Christians should make, I have come to the conclusion that how Christians commonly categorise the music they make is inadequate. From hymns to gospel, Christian contemporary to Christian hip hop, the current genre labels we have are fine but they do not quite capture what Christian music is.

The reason why I think this issue matters is because music has always been an important part of the Church but music has radically changed in the modern world. Because of technological advancements music has exponentially become more accessible and more diverse than ever before. Also music is now a mass commercial product which is a completely new development in the history of music. The New Testament tells us to make music to the Lord but what music is has in many ways radically changed and the contemporary Church in a media saturated world has to reckon with this.

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My thoughts on the music Christians make

A series of posts on the state of Christian music.

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Folk Christianity (Part 4)

The Prophetic Tradition and Resisting Folk Religion

During the period of Judah and Israel’s monarchies, it was the prophets who resisted folk Yahwism, that is worshipping YHWH alongside the gods of indigenous folk religion. As I mentioned in the previous post, scholars have pointed out that Israel became truly monotheistic only after the Babylonian exile which brought independent monarchy to an end. With the national existential crisis of the destruction of the temple, the capital and exile from their homeland, the warnings of the prophets over the centuries that folk Yahwism will have disastrous consequences had been horrifically vindicated. Yet it was those same words that gave the people hope for restoration, refocusing and energizing them for covenant faithfulness to YHWH alone.

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