Inside Critical Race Theory, the ideology behind the Woke Movement

The woke movement has gained unprecedented ground in the US and other parts of the anglosphere. Many in the church in those parts of the world have become convinced it is a worthy cause for Christians to partner with. However, most Christian commentators have only engaged with the popular slogans and platitudes and have failed to properly explore the intellectual and ideological underpinnings of the movement. This basis is something known as Critical Race Theory (CRT), a name that gained much notoriety since President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban it. What is CRT and what should Christians know about it? President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Rev. Albert Mohler, sat down with Dr. James Lindsay, one of the foremost experts on CRT, based on his book Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody (Pitchstone 2020), which he co-authored with Helen Pluckrose. Continue reading “Inside Critical Race Theory, the ideology behind the Woke Movement”

A Historian on the Great Awokening

Over about the last half decade, I have watched from distance with great interest the rise of intersectionality and identity politics, otherwise known as the woke movement, sweep over the United States and much of the anglosphere. In that time many commentators have remarked on it’s religious characteristics, particularly how much it resembles Christianity. While most are only able to do a surface comparison, classical and medieval historian Tom Holland traces the deep influence of Christian history on the present cultural moment in the English-speaking West. In the interview below, Mr. Holland with great care expertly discusses the enduring legacy of Christianity, the present social and cultural turmoil, the future and much more.

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Individualism, Culture & Christian Commentary

Among Christian thinkers individualism has somewhat become a dirty word. You hardly ever see anything positive said about it and to be honest, there are many valid reasons for this, especially in having a shared identity as Christians. However, on closer inspection there is more merit to the idea than most commentators realise. The problem with it is, like any big concept, it is often poorly defined and a lot of other ideas have become confounded with it. To have a fairer appreciation of individualism, these things have to be carefully unentangled. Continue reading “Individualism, Culture & Christian Commentary”

Yes Kanye: “Jesus is Lord”

The release of Kanye West’s gospel album “Jesus is King” last year was one of the biggest events in music and pop culture worldwide. The release of any new music from Kanye garners a lot of attention anyway being one of the biggest and most influential contemporary musicians today. What made the release of this album such a phenomenon is that it was in some sense the culmination of his very public transformation from Yeezus to a servant of King Jesus.

The Christian world has warmly received this once improbable addition to Christian music. In a way, he is fulfilling his mission of being here “to convert atheists to believers” by making millions of people around the world, including non-Christians say, “Jesus is King.” Many have reviewed the album and commented on what their favourite songs are. My favourite song is the final track “Jesus is Lord.” It is probably the least talked about track and I have heard no one call it their favourite. I will explain why I love it and why it is the most important song on the album. Continue reading “Yes Kanye: “Jesus is Lord””

Christian Music and Good Music

Over the last couple of years, I have thought and written a lot about Christian music. One of the most important realisations I have come to over this period is Christian music has to be good music. I know. This is not exactly a shocking revelation. However, when you begin to think about the overall quality of contemporary Christian music, there isn’t really much quality control going on. Continue reading “Christian Music and Good Music”