Folk Christianity (Part 1)

Introducing the Concept

While I was writing about what I call “pop theology” I stumbled on a very similar concept called “folk religion.” Continue reading “Folk Christianity (Part 1)”


Art and Biblical Poetry

In the video below Dr Tim Mackie, a Bible scholar and co-founder of The Bible Project, a crowd funded Christian animation studio whose wonderful videos I feature quite regularly, explores how biblical poetry can powerfully inform and motivate the work of Christian creatives.

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Political Theology

Dr. Tim Mackie, an Old Testament scholar and co-creator of The Bible Project, in the video below offers a brief overview of the Bible’s vision of politics in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament. Continue reading “Political Theology”

The Crisis of Worth and the Gift of Grace

We live in a world of likes, follows, shares and retweets, where affirmation and validation are quite visibly the name of the game but they are so hard to come by and acute judgment is far more common. However, what is happening on social media is symptomatic of a larger cross cultural debacle of human value: What gives me worth? Continue reading “The Crisis of Worth and the Gift of Grace”

The Ghanaian Christian and homosexuality

For possibly the first time the issue of homosexuality has come to national prominence. The issue had been percolating beneath the surface for the last 5 years or so but it is now in full view. I want to make a few comments and observations on the nature of the public response, particularly from a Christian perspective. Continue reading “The Ghanaian Christian and homosexuality”

Honour and Shame in the cultural world of the New Testament

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Aryan Jesus

Yesterday in the US there was a parade of White Supremacists which turned violent. While White Supremacy is a very general term for different ideologies held by a collection of very small, largely independent groups in the West, also known as the Alt-Right, they share the common feature of racism, a lot of it being focused against Jewish people as well others. Most Ghanaian Christians have never heard of any of these groups and know very little about antisemitism (hatred of Jewish people) but they are relevant in a larger discussion that does affect Christianity, which is something I hope to explore later on. Unfortunately, western Christianity, the form of Christianity Africa inherited, has played a role in antisemitism. Continue reading “Aryan Jesus”