The Folly of Looking for Community

When I ask newcomers what brings them to our church, the most common reply is, “I’m looking for community.” I often wince hearing that phrase, fearing they won’t stay for long… One cannot “find” community, because it isn’t something to be discovered. Community is never found, only built.

– Eugene Park for The Gospel Coalition

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Pentecostal or (p)entecostal?

“Pentecostalism is above all else a missionary movement— this premise enables us to understand the primary motivation for its global expansion throughout the twentieth century. Continue reading “Pentecostal or (p)entecostal?”

Learning from Cessationists

I have been a lifelong Pentecostal. I now prefer to think of myself as post-Charismatic because I am a staunch believer in the charismata i.e. spiritual gifts like tongues, acts of power, healing, prophecy etc. however, I am not a fan of contemporary Charismatic subculture. All that being said I have learned important things from our cessationist brothers and sisters. Continue reading “Learning from Cessationists”

A Philosopher’s Lament

Douglas Groothuis, a professor of philosophy and a noted Christian apologist, discusses in the audio below he and his late wife’s difficult journey through terminal illness. Continue reading “A Philosopher’s Lament”

Scot McKnight on Pauline Authorship

If you aren’t a Bible geek chances are you would be quite surprised to learn that the majority position in biblical scholarship is that Paul did not write all the letters in the New Testament that bear his name. In fact scholarship only accepts 7 undisputed letters which are Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians and Philemon. Now the main reason for questioning the remaining 6 traditional Pauline epistles are stylistic differences. I have never found that line of argumentation particularly convincing and you can find a good response to it here.

New Testament scholar Scot McKnight was discussing his new commentaries on Philippians and Colossians over at OnScript and he was asked about the authorship of Colossians. I found his response quite interesting to say the least. He said that he doesn’t think Paul wrote any of the epistles.

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