A Quick Note on Contextual Theology

“Contextual theology” is a term most people have not heard of but it is a very important idea in missions and missiology. Andrew Wilson offers here a quick guide through some of the debates surrounding the idea which yields concise explanation of what the term means.


Synergy through Suffering

This year I wrote a short post in tribute to the brothers and sisters in Egypt who were murdered by Muslim terrorists during church service on Palm Sunday. I remember reading the story and seeing the images of freshly bloodied palm fronds. I was moved in a way that I had not thought I would. Continue reading “Synergy through Suffering”

Our Sufferings

In His Sufferings I argued that the principle reason we should care about the persecuted is Jesus. In New Testament theology, the believer is in union with the crucified Messiah therefore his experience is our experience, including his sufferings. Persecuted believers have a share in Jesus’ own sufferings, the climax of which was on the cross. Therefore, to ignore their sufferings is to in the present disregard the cross. If we must care about persecution because of Jesus we must also be concerned with his body, that is, those found in union with the Messiah. Continue reading “Our Sufferings”

Going Small

I have been interested in the house church movement for a long time even though I have not had the opportunity to actually experience one. In this wonderful interview Francis Chan talks about his journey from leaving a successful megachurch to pastor house church. He shows how small churches are a viable and biblical alternative. There is much to learn from this conversation. If you also belong to a house church I’d love to hear about your experience. Continue reading “Going Small”

His Sufferings

I have been posting a lot of material on global Christian persecution. Hundreds of millions of people are facing some form of hostility because of their identification with the Messiah. The situation is far from pretty, even dire in several places. They are not mere statistics but real lives, with personal stories of suffering. It is a very uncomfortable thing and I have found we, at least in my context, just do not want to deal with it. Fortunately, for many of us persecution is something happening way out there. So there is an indifference bred in us by comfort and convenience. We often relegate it to the general suffering and injustices that go on in the world daily. Yet being Christians there are important reasons not to ignore it, the greatest in my estimation being Jesus himself. Continue reading “His Sufferings”