Is the Fall of Satan really described in the Bible?

In the following video leading Old Testament scholar Peter Gentry explains how Isaiah 14:9-20 and Ezekiel 28:1-19 are not about Satan even though that has been traditionally taught in the Church.


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Jesus and the Early Church’s Mission

If Jesus was a prophet of Jewish restoration eschatology (see Ben Meyers; Ed Sanders; N.T. Wright; Richard Horsley), then it is important to note the impact that Jesus’s restoration eschatology had upon the early church who, in the transformed post-Easter context, carried forward Jesus’s appropriation of Israel’s sacred traditions about the restoration of Israel and the inclusion of the nations in God’s saving purposes.

It is in Luke–Acts that we observe how this story of Jesus as the agent of Israel’s restoration was taken up into the preaching and praxes of the first Christians…

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What is Analytic Theology?

Analytic theology is a relatively new discipline which applies the methods and insights of analytic philosophy to Christian theology. In the following video, one of the founders of the intellectual movement, Dr Oliver Crisp (University of St. Andrews, Scotland), explains what analytic theology is, what makes it distinct as well as briefly addressing some concerns about it. Continue reading “What is Analytic Theology?”

Rethinking Glory

Glory is one of those common words in popular Christian vocabulary which we assume the meaning without doing any deep study of how it is actually used in the Bible. Theologian and Bible scholar Haley Goranson Jacob in her new book Conformed to the Image of His Son: Reconsidering Paul’s Theology of Glory in Romans (IVP, 2018) tackles this very issue. She does this by carefully re-examining Romans 8:28-30, which is one of the most important passages about glory in Christian thought, and brings fresh insights on this well-known and beloved Pauline passage. Continue reading “Rethinking Glory”

Temple Theology

New Testament scholar Gregory K. Beale in his insightful book The Temple and the Church’s Mission traces a biblical theology of the temple through the Old Testament and into the New Testament. This is very important because the temple is a unifying motif that helps makes sense of the story of the Bible. Here is a very helpful and informative summary of the book by Dr. Beale himself which you can download here. In the summary he focuses on temple language in the Hebrew Bible and the challenge of understanding how the New Testament interprets the temple prophecies in the Hebrew Bible as being fulfilled. Continue reading “Temple Theology”

Rethinking Torah with John Walton

A few months ago I posted about the wonderful work of Old Testament Professors John Walton and Joshua Berman on Torah. In the following interview for The Holy Post podcast Walton explains why Torah is not really law but is a different genre of ancient literature. Continue reading “Rethinking Torah with John Walton”