Resource Update

You can now download and read the full presidential address by Professor Carol Meyers on patriarchy in the Bible in the post Is The Bible Patriarchal? 


Cultural Backgrounds and the Old Testament

Old Testament scholar John Walton explains the importance of culture in interpreting scripture along with some fascinating biblical examples.  Continue reading “Cultural Backgrounds and the Old Testament”

Covenant Q&A

In my experience, when it comes to the Bible some of the most familiar things we actually do not know nearly as well we think. “Covenant” is one of those things. One of my favourite Bible teachers and scholars Prof. John Walton is asked about it and he provides a helpful introduction to understanding covenant in it’s original biblical context. You can find the interview right here.

The Meanings of Grace

Grace is everywhere but not everywhere the same.

With insights from anthropology, leading New Testament scholar John M.G. Barclay explores the different meanings of grace in the world of the New Testament. Continue reading “The Meanings of Grace”

The Ancient Economy of Favours and the New Testament

How did people in the Greco-Roman world, the era to which the New Testament belonged, get what they wanted? Living in modern consumer driven economies you might think the same thing happened then. In fact a totally different system, one of patronage, ran the ancient world. Dr David A. deSilva digs into this strange, even shocking, economy of favours and returns. Continue reading “The Ancient Economy of Favours and the New Testament”

The Crisis of Worth and the Gift of Grace

We live in a world of likes, follows, shares and retweets, where affirmation and validation are quite visibly the name of the game but they are so hard to come by and acute judgment is far more common. However, what is happening on social media is symptomatic of a larger cross cultural debacle of human value: What gives me worth? Continue reading “The Crisis of Worth and the Gift of Grace”

Ritualed Knowing

In this fascinating interview at OnScript, Dr Dru Johnson discusses his book Knowledge by Ritual (Eisenbrauns, 2016) where he explorers the Bible’s epistemology in the light of modern scholarship on the way rituals work. Continue reading “Ritualed Knowing”