COVID-19 & the Book of Job

In the interview below, Old Testament scholar John Walton shares profound and challenging insights from the Book of Job and how it pertains to the global pandemic. Continue reading “COVID-19 & the Book of Job”

Absent and Present

In the interview below New Testament scholar Peter Orr discusses what it means for Jesus to be absent, why it matters and why it is actually beneficial for us. He also talks about how he is present. Continue reading “Absent and Present”

An Old Testament Theology of the Image of God

In the presentation below, Old Testament professor Catherine L. McDowell presents a brief overview of what “image” in Genesis, such as in the famous Genesis 1:26, means based on her monograph The Image of God in the Garden of Eden(Eisenbrauns 2015.) Her excellent work represents the latest research on the subject as well as providing valuable insights for the church in reading and living out scripture. Continue reading “An Old Testament Theology of the Image of God”

On the Third Day

Jesus could have risen any number of days after his death without diminishing how incomparably extraordinary the resurrection was. You could say if it had happened after a far longer wait, it would have been even more impressive. So why did Jesus rise on the third day? There is an insightful article explaining it from The Bible Project, whose wonderful work I have featured many times on this platform. To read the full article click here.

Circumcision and the Gentile Mission

Larry Hurtado comments on Paula Fredriksen’s interesting insights on why Paul was completely opposed to Gentile circumcision: Continue reading “Circumcision and the Gentile Mission”