Circumcision and the Gentile Mission

Larry Hurtado comments on Paula Fredriksen’s interesting insights on why Paul was completely opposed to Gentile circumcision: Continue reading “Circumcision and the Gentile Mission”

Wright on Exile

In the video below, renowned New Testament scholar Tom Wright discusses the significance of the Jewish exile on New Testament thought and theology. Continue reading “Wright on Exile”

Gospel Allegiance with Matthew Bates

New Testament scholar Dr. Matthew Bates has written a follow-up to his popular 2017 book Salvation by Allegiance Alone, which had a great impact on me and I have talked a lot about on this site. The follow-up is called  Gospel Allegiance: What Faith in Jesus Misses for Salvation in Christ (2019). In the audio link below, Bates joins the folks at the Rethinking Faith podcast to discuss his book. Continue reading “Gospel Allegiance with Matthew Bates”

Wright on Sacrifice

In the short clip below, renowned theologian NT Wright comments on the gaps in our understanding of sacrifice. Continue reading “Wright on Sacrifice”

Psalm 34

A live performance by the renowned Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir of “Psalm 34”: Continue reading “Psalm 34”

Is the Fall of Satan really described in the Bible?

In the following video leading Old Testament scholar Peter Gentry explains how Isaiah 14:9-20 and Ezekiel 28:1-19 are not about Satan even though that has been traditionally taught in the Church.


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Jesus and the Early Church’s Mission

If Jesus was a prophet of Jewish restoration eschatology (see Ben Meyers; Ed Sanders; N.T. Wright; Richard Horsley), then it is important to note the impact that Jesus’s restoration eschatology had upon the early church who, in the transformed post-Easter context, carried forward Jesus’s appropriation of Israel’s sacred traditions about the restoration of Israel and the inclusion of the nations in God’s saving purposes.

It is in Luke–Acts that we observe how this story of Jesus as the agent of Israel’s restoration was taken up into the preaching and praxes of the first Christians…

Continue reading “Jesus and the Early Church’s Mission”