Tongues Speaking in the Early Church

I have realised that when it comes to tongues speaking we have read a lot of modern practices and ideas into the New Testament instead of them being supported by the text. Continue reading “Tongues Speaking in the Early Church”


The Bible and the Ancient Near East

Just as knowing something about the 18th century Enlightenment, Colonial American history, and the men who attended the Constitutional Convention will inform your historical understanding of the U.S. Constitution, knowing something about ancient Near Eastern history and culture will deepen your historical understanding of the documents that compose the Hebrew Bible. Continue reading “The Bible and the Ancient Near East”

Rethinking Heaven, Hell and New Creation with N.T. Wright

The lecture below represents and distils much of N.T. Wright’s significant contribution to Christian thought and theology over the last four decades. Continue reading “Rethinking Heaven, Hell and New Creation with N.T. Wright”

The History behind Pilate

I am not usually a fan of documentaries about the Bible because they often have a sensationalist bent to them. However, the history 2004 documentary Pilate: The Man Who Killed Christ is avoids that by carefully examining and presenting Ponitus Pilate’s role in the crucifixion of Jesus in the context of Jewish-Roman relations in the first century AD. Among the experts it consults are prominent New Testament scholars N.T. Wright, Helen Bond and John M.G. Barclay. What I particularly love about this documentary is it offers much needed historical perspective on the crucifixion accounts in the New Testament which challenges the wrongheaded notion that Jewish people were to blame for Christ’s death. You can watch the full documentary below. Continue reading “The History behind Pilate”

Much Grace, Much Honour

The quest for recognition and validation are a part of all human societies and it often results in envy, competition and strife. In this article, Jackson Wu briefly discusses how “Early Christians adapted honor codes from the ancient Greco-Roman world in ways that are insightful for the contemporary church.”

The Decline of the Old Testament

Old Testament scholar Dr. Brent Strawn delivers a highly accessible lecture on his important 2017 book The Old Testament is Dying: A Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment. Continue reading “The Decline of the Old Testament”

Torah not Law

Last year while doing research on tithing in the Bible for some SimplyChrist videos, I was struck by how complicated and sometimes confusing the laws on it in the Pentateuch are. This was not an isolated example but it reminded of the difficulties with the making sense of the Mosaic law in general. In an OnScript interview about his bold and thought-provoking book Inconsistencies in the Torah (OUP, 2017), Dr. Joshua Berman provided truly paradigm shifting insights on why the Mosaic law works the way it does. He argued that we look at “law” in the Bible through a modern lens and think of it as statutory law when it is much closer to common law. Continue reading “Torah not Law”