Bearing the Cross

How do Christians behave when they are persecuted? Under Caesar’s Sword is a collaborative global research project aimed at answering just that. Continue reading “Bearing the Cross”

Contemporary Christian Suffering

As part of a series of posts on Knowing your Brother, that is, appreciating the global state of Christianity, I want to address the very difficult issue of persecution. Continue reading “Contemporary Christian Suffering”

God and Evolution

I have been thinking about evolution and its relationship to Christianity for a while. Over the past couple of months I began to see how compatible and in fact complimentary sound biblical theology and the theory of evolution are. In this brief address for the 2017 BioLogos conference, N.T. Wright connects the final dots and shows how surprisingly we should have anticipated the amazing harmony all along, right in the pages of scripture! Continue reading “God and Evolution”

Types of Writing in the Bible

One of the things I’ve noticed is that most people do not read the Bible correctly because they cannot identify the literary style the text is using. The guys over at The Bible Project, which is turning out to be one of my favourite ministries, have another excellent short video that highlights these literary styles, their importance and how to approach them. Continue reading “Types of Writing in the Bible”

Birthing the Bible

Below is a great overview of how the Bible came into being by co-founder of The Bible Project, Tim Mackie, who is an Old Testament Scholar and all around Bible nerd. It’s a long presentation but truly fascinating. Even a professing Bible nerd like myself learnt quite a lot from the presentation. Please enjoy. Continue reading “Birthing the Bible”