The Living Soul

A quick explanation of what the English word “soul” means in the Bible from the folks over at The Bible Project. Continue reading “The Living Soul”

The Bible of the Early Church

New Testament professor Ben Witherington explains the type of Bible the early Church used. Continue reading “The Bible of the Early Church”

Adopting metaphors

Is it really just a metaphor? The question of metaphorical versus literal has been touched upon before on this blog but in this interview it is taken to a whole new level. New Testament scholar, Dr. Erin Heim discusses the concept of metaphor and then applies it to the question of what Paul meant by adoption. This the subject of her latest book Adoption in Galatians and Romans: Contemporary Metaphor Theories and the Pauline Huiothesia Metaphors. Now the stuff to do with modern metaphor theory is a bit challenging but it is well worth paying close attention to.

Frankly, I really enjoyed this episode and I learnt so much from it. You can visit here for more information on this eye opening OnScript episode.

Timely Truth

One of the most popular descriptions of the Bible is that it is a repository of “timeless truths.” It is a sentiment that is often assumed even outside explicitly Christian circles. Even though I am a Christian who takes the Bible seriously as the word of God, I have come to find this description quite unhelpful for a number of reasons. Continue reading “Timely Truth”

The Gospels as Ancient Biographies

The gospels are often described as ancient Greco-Roman biographies but what were they like and how do they differ from modern biographies? Continue reading “The Gospels as Ancient Biographies”

Holy Literature

When you grow up in the Church, one of the common assumptions about the Bible, that you will probably accept implicitly, is that the Bible is not literature. Of course this point seems straightforward to the average Christian. There is no need to debate this, “the Bible is like no other book.” In recent years, as you can readily tell by my writings on this platform, challenging this shibboleth has not only changed the way I see the Bible, but the effect the Bible has had on me. This idea of the Bible not being literature is presented in a number of ways bearing many preloaded presuppositions. I not only want to show that scripture is literature but also touch upon some of these false presumptions about scripture. Continue reading “Holy Literature”