Seeing the Structure

In the past I have talked about some of the problems with chapter and verse divisions. While it is useful tool for referencing the text, the very reason why it came into existence, it has taken over the formatting of the text and has become a distraction from the organic reading of the text. For most of scripture’s history no such arbitrary divisions were attached. Many have noted this problem and publishes are now producing Bibles that removes this clutter. However simply removing these reading obstacles in my view does not go far enough. Continue reading “Seeing the Structure”


What really is the Bible?

One of the fundamental questions a Christian should ask is ‘What is the Bible?’ Continue reading “What really is the Bible?”

The Dysfunctional Family

In The Origin Story of a People I set out to show that Genesis is about the family of Abraham. The theme of family is a narrative thread that runs through all of scripture and binds it together. In our lives family is also a constant that intimately connects us. While ancient and modern conceptions of family might differ in important ways, especially depending on which part of the world you come from, family is itself a human universal. It is the foundation of every human society. Scripture is often known for some of the more extraordinary and perplexing things that happen in it, yet sometimes we lose sight of this that at its heart, it is about something that we can all relate to and that is family. Continue reading “The Dysfunctional Family”

Introducing the Psalms

I have recently been going through the Psalms and so far it has been absolutely brilliant. I am learning so many wonderful new things about the book. The folks over at The Bible Project have an excellent video presentation, intelligently summarising the entire book in a concise and insightful manner. Continue reading “Introducing the Psalms”

Honour and Shame in the cultural world of the New Testament

Continue reading “Honour and Shame in the cultural world of the New Testament”

Emphasis in the Bible

One of the most effective Bible study tips I have come to know is paying attention to emphasis. Emphasis is something we normally do when we are communicating when we want people to pay attention to something in particular. In school what a teacher emphasises is really important to understanding what he is teaching and before an exam, it is often a clue to help you study for the test. Scripture is likewise a teacher and we should be alert to its cues. Continue reading “Emphasis in the Bible”