Inside Critical Race Theory, the ideology behind the Woke Movement

The woke movement has gained unprecedented ground in the US and other parts of the anglosphere. Many in the church in those parts of the world have become convinced it is a worthy cause for Christians to partner with. However, most Christian commentators have only engaged with the popular slogans and platitudes and have failed to properly explore the intellectual and ideological underpinnings of the movement. This basis is something known as Critical Race Theory (CRT), a name that gained much notoriety since President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban it. What is CRT and what should Christians know about it? President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Rev. Albert Mohler, sat down with Dr. James Lindsay, one of the foremost experts on CRT, based on his book Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody (Pitchstone 2020), which he co-authored with Helen Pluckrose.

You can find the audio of the interview along with a full transcript here. For a more in depth conversation please watch Lindsay’s interview with Coleman Hughes go here. You can find additional resources on many of the relevant issues that were referenced here.


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