The Grammar of Messiah

What does “Christ” in Jesus Christ mean? It is it a name, a title, or is there something more to it? New Testament scholar Dr. Matthew Novenson has written what some consider now the preeminent study of what the word meant and how it was used. In the interview below at OnScript podcast, Novenson discusses his trailblazing 2017 book The Grammar of Messianism: Ancient Jewish Political Idiom and Its Users

Here is a link to different reviews of his book.

In the following videos Novenson himself summarises his books. The first part is about The Grammar of Messianism.

The second part is about Christ Among the Messiahs: Christ Language in Paul and Messiah Language in Ancient Judaism an earlier book in the same area which he builds of.  You can find a very detailed review of Christ Among the Messiahs here.

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