Gospel Allegiance with Matthew Bates

New Testament scholar Dr. Matthew Bates has written a follow-up to his popular 2017 book Salvation by Allegiance Alone, which had a great impact on me and I have talked a lot about on this site. The follow-up is called  Gospel Allegiance: What Faith in Jesus Misses for Salvation in Christ (2019). In it he updates his summary of the essential elements of the gospel as follows:

    1. Jesus Preexisted as the Divine Son
    2. Was Sent by God the Father
    3. Took on Human Flesh in Fulfillment of God’s Promises to David/Israel
    4. Died on the Cross for our Sins
    5. Was Buried
    6. Resurrected, Conquering Death, by the power of the Holy Spirit
    7. Appeared to Many Witnesses
    9. Sent the Holy Spirit
    10. Will Return to Judge and Reign

This summary comes from a helpful review of Bates’ latest book which you can read here. You can also listen to Dr. Bates himself as he joins the folks at the Rethinking Faith podcast to discuss his book which you can listen to here.

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