Jesus and the Early Church’s Mission

If Jesus was a prophet of Jewish restoration eschatology (see Ben Meyers; Ed Sanders; N.T. Wright; Richard Horsley), then it is important to note the impact that Jesus’s restoration eschatology had upon the early church who, in the transformed post-Easter context, carried forward Jesus’s appropriation of Israel’s sacred traditions about the restoration of Israel and the inclusion of the nations in God’s saving purposes.

It is in Luke–Acts that we observe how this story of Jesus as the agent of Israel’s restoration was taken up into the preaching and praxes of the first Christians…

The above is the introduction of a brief article by New Testament scholar Mike F. Bird entitled Jesus, the Restoration of Israel, and Early Christian Mission, which wonderful explains the story told from the Luke to Acts about Jesus and the early Church. What I really appreciate about this brief but insightful piece is that Bird essentially summarises what the biblical narrative is all about. Visit his blog Euangelion to read the full article.


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