Newman on “Doxa”, God, and Jesus

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I return here to giving a brief summary of the papers delivered in the recent two-day colloquium held in New College.  Carey Newman (Director of Baylor University Press) wrote on “God and Glory and Paul, Again.”

In this paper Newman returned to the subject of his important book, Paul’s Glory-Christology: Tradition and Rhetoric (Brill, 1992), in which he highlighted the significance and meaning of Paul’s association of divine glory with the risen/exalted Jesus.  There are three main points that he makes in this further discussion.

First, in an impressively thorough lexical analysis, Newman shows that the Greek term “doxa” is not a part of the religious vocabulary of the larger Greek world.  The term is not associated with the gods.  It more regularly means “opinion,” “expectation,” “reputation,” and “honor”.  But the word doesn’t feature in description of the gods.

In the Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures, however…

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