The Goodness of Randomness

Last week I wrote an article on the theological significance of self-organisation. In that piece I argued that disorder is an original part of God’s creation and that he has made it for a purpose. To my delight I just came across an article titled Randomness Keeps You Breathing: A physicist’s perspective on the richness of the created order expressing similar thoughts. Her piece also resonates with another article I wrote where I proposed seeing biological inefficiency as a sign of God’s providence.

I came to a very poignant realisation as I wrote both articles, theologically reflecting on these seemingly paradoxical scientific insights into creation, which the author of the article, Dr. Ruth M. Bancewicz, aptly states:

“Surely”, people ask, “God wouldn’t create in that way?” Predicting how God will work or telling him what to do has never been a terribly successful venture in human history, as the Bible describes very clearly.



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