Things are about to get crazy (if they already haven’t)

The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #28

Maybe not “crazy”, just controversial. (Yay, controversy!) This year I have been writing on a lot of brow raising issues in Christian theology and I plan to write some more. These are things I have been planning to write on for a long time and I feel finally prepared to say something useful about them. In the Christian world there are very few things that are not controversial but right now I’m gunning for the motherload. So far I have talked about problems with orthodoxy, science and scripture, a different approach to the authority of scripture, and what every church should be doing (pretentious, I know) among other things. What makes it worse is I am nowhere near being an expert or clearly competent enough to deal with these mammoth issues. It maybe a bit of a cop out but I’m just a guy who is interested in these things, puts some real effort in when I write about them and I hope to say something interesting about them from time to time.  I’m stomping around where angels fear to tread and the best I can hope for is brutally honest yet ultimately constructive critique of what I have to say.

The name of the blog is The Pilgrims (no apostrophe) Rest Stop. It is my platform but it is for all like minded wayfarers on the road to the new heaven and earth to take a moment to think and talk about things of relevance to our journey.  The Pilgrims Rest Stop, like any good wayside inn, is about good conversations. I know it is a bit cliché but the internet is a great place for learning. I have learnt so much about the Bible and things related to it through it. I have had answers and gained perspectives on some of the most challenging questions I have encountered. A lot of that assistance came from blogs like this one. I hope to offer the type of help that I have once and continue to receive from the great democratiser of knowledge: the interwebs. So I’m going to share the insights and perspectives I have gained, including the ones about things that are hotly contested. I’m not afraid of a bit debate and the most interesting things to say are different things.

Some of the fun topics I will be addressing are the Trinity and my difficulties with it (them?), original sin (which I have already begun to address here), issues with inerrancy, the historicity of the Bible and other light topics. It’s sure gonna be interesting.

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