The real Adam please stand up

The above is an except of presentation where New Testament scholar Scot McKnight discusses how Adam is interpreted in the New Testament within the larger tradition of second Temple Judaism. It is from his latest book Adam and the Genome which he co-authored with biologist Dennis Venema. Dr. Venema speaks before him on the evidence for evolution and the genomics of human evolution which challenges the traditional reading of Adam. The scientific gauntlet being thrown down and it presents an interesting and unavoidable exegetical and theological challenge to how we read Adam in the scriptures.

You may have noticed from previous postings, I have been exploring what the Christian should do with evolutionary science and I have to say it is has been very illuminating and exciting as well. The beautiful synergy of one thing I love pushing me to go deeper in another thing I love is really wonderful. After the authors’ talks, there is a Q&A which starts at 1:25:38. To find out more about the book and the authors you can visit The BioLogos Foundation  which has even more excellent resources on the subject.


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