Leaving Behind the Rapture

Renowned New Testament scholar and theologian, N.T. Wright once remarked,

Little did Paul know how his colourful metaphors for Jesus’ second coming would be misunderstood two millennia later.

He was talking about the popular misunderstanding of scripture that is the rapture. In the following clips, another leading New Testament scholar, Ben Witherington clearly and concisely gives an overview of the theology and explains why it is wrong.

Here are some further resources:

  1. The Rapture: A Popular but False Doctrine by Cecil Marranville. The article covers the history of theological development of rapture theology.
  2. Farewell to the Rapture by N.T. Wright, Bible Review, August 2001. It is a short paper from which the opening quote from Wright came. He discusses the imagery and meaning of the main proof texts for Left Behind theology.
  3. 10 Reasons Why the Rapture Must be Left Behind by S.D. Morrison. It is a free e-book outlining the basic arguments against it.

For an alternative vision of the future you can go here.


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