The Benedict Option?

I have never seen a book cause so much of a stir among the American Christian intellegentsia, even trending on social media, like Rod Dreher’s latest book The Benedict Optio: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation . Karen Swallow Prior has aptly described it as “a Rorschach Test: everyone seems to see something different”. In it Dreher proposes American believers follow the first Christian monk, Benedict of Nursia, albeit spiritually and do a “strategic limited retreat” from the culture. While some have praised his book and it’s outlook as right on the money others have criticised it as alarmist. Join the author himself Rod Dreher with other panelists including Ross Douthat, R. R. Reno, Peter Mommsen to interact with and critique his work as they discuss Christianity in America and where it is going.

For the Ghanaian Christian, who I am most immediately concerned with, we have taken a largely naive and misguided response to the grave challenges of Christianity in America and the larger Western world. I hope this discussion will help you understand a bit better what is going on and more importantly make us vigilant. Christianity in Ghana is not as secure as we think and could easily go the way of the West if we do not repent.


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