Church and Politics: Views and Lessons from the West

The United States of America went through a particularly troubling electoral season. The above video is part of a fascinating and informative series that pastor, author and speaker Skye Jethani put together to help believers navigate wisely and christianly through the entire process and afterwards. I have written before that there is a lot Ghanaian Christians can learn from what happened with our American siblings in the political and cultural sphere. One of the deficiencies Christians on both sides of the Atlantic share is we do not have a biblically grounded political theology. In this video Skye goes over some of the views that have historically been held by Western Christians which helps explain the current predicament. I would like us to think of how they match and differ from views in the Ghanaian context and how our political culture and theologies intersect.

(If you are interested in the history of Christianity in America and its political and cultural views, you should check out the entire video along with the rest of the series. You can also visit his website for course outlines and handouts for session.)


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