God and the Philosophers

A few interesting thoughts on the inadequacy of using metaphysical categories to describe God.

What is wrong with this ontotheological picture? Heidegger charges metaphysics with so focusing on its system of beings (including God as Highest Being) that it forgets the more basic question, and mystery, of Being. Here we may recall Gabriel Marcel ’s distinction between “problem” and “mystery ”: a problem admits of a concrete solution; a mystery is inexhaustible no matter how long one thinks about it. In Heidegger’s view, metaphysics , as the “science of being”, is a strategy for problem solving, not deepening mysteries.
Hence the fundamental problem: the Supreme Being of the metaphysical gaps is not the God to whom Christians personally relate: “Man can neither pray nor sacrifice to this god.” The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is, by way of contrast, more
or other than other beings, more or other even than the God of infinite metaphysical perfection. To speak of God as…

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