Preparing to make sense of the Trinity

The Trinity is tricky. It is one of those things that orthodox Christians affirm very strongly yet curiously no one seems to understand it. Ever since I was a teenager I have tried to makes sense of it. Being the intrepid teenager that I was, foraying into the jungle of Christian theology, I was prepared for some great surprises, including the entire thing being wrong. Since then the pendulum of my views about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity have swung back and forth between wholesale acceptance and wholesale rejection. Apart from a brief period where I thought modalism might be right, trinitarianism seemed to me to be the best theory out there of who God is.

It got to a point where I almost thought that I would not make any significant headway regarding the great dogma but then I encountered the world of New Testament scholarship. People like James D.G. Dunn, N.T. Wright, and Richard Bauckham all helped shaped my thoughts positively on this matter. The person who has had the biggest influence in my understanding of the Trinity up to this point is Larry Hurtado. He has had such a profound effect not because he deals directly with the doctrine but he adequately prepares you to make sense of it by focusing on the New Testament’s understanding of God. As a top New Testament scholar who has devoted his career to this particular subject, he is one of the foremost experts on this topic. The following interviews on the Trinities podcast basically outlines the contours of Dr. Hurtado’s work on New Testament worship. The interviews are long but they are well worth the listen. (Skip to 10:47 ¬†on podcast 99 for the discussion with Dr. Hurtado, and 4:10 for podcast 100.)

I am still learning and trying to find out more and more about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.


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