Who were the early Christians?

If you having been following my posts over the last month or two you will immediately recognize the work of Larry Hurtado, emeritus professor of New Testament at the University of Edinborough, who I have been featuring and referencing a lot on this blog.

The first video is a lecture he delivered at the Lanier Theological Library based on his amazing book Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World. It is truly a must read especially for those living in a post Christian culture in the West, it is highly informative. As I said, if you have been following my blog you will be very familiar with the content in the first video so you might want to skip it. There is a Q & A which begins at around the 1 hour mark which you might find interesting.

I posted the first video as a background for my main concern which is the second video, also held at the same location as the first. It is a panel discussion on the topic Professor Hurtado raised in the first video where distinguished New Testament scholars discuss what sort of people the early Christians really were. I learnt so much about how the early Christians were able to “negotiate their existence” in the tricky world of the Roman Empire. These sort of talks and discussions help us really understand our spiritual ancestors and why the New Testament tackles the issues that it does. I sincerely hope you enjoy these wonderful presentations.


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