The Early Distinctive Christian Faith

A few days ago I reblogged a post from Tina Wanis on the hidden impact of Christianity on the world, a theme I began with Who Is this Man? by John Ortberg. In continuing with that, here is a five part interview of Professor Larry W. Hurtado, discussing his latest book, Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World. Prof. Hurtado is not just out to give trivia for history nerds. He focuses on how Christianity was different in the Roman Empire and how those differences have profoundly affected us today. There are a lot of  interesting surprises in this short series of interviews.

Part 1 – Introduction to the book and its purpose.

Part 2 – The unique qualities of early Christians in the Roman world, and in particular shows how Christians were unique in relation to their Jewish counterpart.

Part 3 – Prof. Hurtado defines and explains Christian “distinctives”.

Part 4 – How early Christianity’s “bookish” qualities made it distinct from its Greco-Roman neighbours.

Part 5 – What he hopes readers will glean from his book.

For more stuff from Dr. Hurtado on this blog click here and for his website go to


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