And They Become One Flesh

A summary of the views of three Old Testament scholars of Adam and Eve in the Genesis narrative.

Musings on Science and Theology

With consideration of Genesis 2 the series of posts on Genesis intersects those on biblical womanhood.

Michelangelo Creation of EveGenesis 2 provides a creation account both distinct from an complementary to the creation account of Genesis 1. In both accounts the culmination of creation is human beings, male and female, placed in God’s sacred space to be his image – a royal priesthood tending his garden. There are many aspects of Genesis 2 that could be used to shape this post. The difference in the order of creation and the impact this should have on our understanding of the creation accounts in scripture. The importance of the garden as a royal space next to the king’s palace. The significance of the named rivers and the trees. These are all important and have all come up in posts in the past. Today, however, I would like to focus on man and woman, male and…

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