How To Read Job

The Book of Job is one of the most challenging but also equally fascinating books in the Bible. On account of this a lot of sincere students of God’s word do not know what to make of this very important book. Old Testament scholars Tremper Longman III and John Walton have co-authored a book on just how to do that. The following is a quick overview of their work How to Read Job.

Musings on Science and Theology

How to Read JobSeveral years ago I posted a long series on the book of Job (See here for the posts) using the commentaries written by John Walton (Job (The NIV Application Commentary)) and Tremper Longman III (Job (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms)) both published in August 2012. The book of Job is an often misunderstood and misused or overlooked book, but it is a powerful book and one we would do well to study. The book of Job is a profound exploration of wisdom and suffering, of the nature of God, the nature of Creation, the nature of man, and the interaction of God with his creation and his creatures. The series on Job and the detailed reading of both of these excellent commentaries along with a handful of other sources was one of the most satisfying series of posts I’ve done…

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