The Promise of Life and Curse of Death

Some thoughts on the biblical origin of death.

Musings on Science and Theology

IMG_1339-crop-T-RexIt is not uncommon for those who hold to a specific view of young earth creationism to claim that rejection of this view is rejection of the gospel itself. In particular, the acceptance of animal death before Adam sinned makes a mockery of the Christian story. James Stambaugh’s article Death Before Sin is one such example. He makes no bones about it. “Those who accept the Bible believe that death is a punishment for sin; death must have come into existence after Adam fell.” This is integral to the atonement. From the same article:

So a blood sacrifice is only necessary if there is sin. … If there was animal death before the fall of man, then God and all those who followed His pattern did useless acts. One must observe that in the atonement the animal loses its life in the place of the human. If animal…

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