The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #11

Appreciating a different perspective

On this blog and in this particular series, I often talk about looking at things from a different perspective. Sometimes (maybe all the time) I come off as listen to a different argument, ideology or something like that and see if it makes sense. Of course this is something we must all do but I mean even more than the rigours of critical thinking. I am also referring to different ways of imagining and talking about things. Conceptualizing things in strange and wonderful ways.

Take Picasso for instance. I honestly do not have a clue how to appreciate his art. I do admire, however, his courage in challenging the concepts of form and shape, the idea of objects being either solid or fluid. I was shocked to find out that he was capable of doing fine realistic artwork. I’m sure he must have thought to himself one day, the canvas is my world and I choose how it works. I guess that in itself is what it means to be a true artist, finding a creative space and filling it with your own handwork, a god in the studio of your imagination.

As you can see I have a penchant for things that are a little complicated and mysterious. There is something enchanting about breaking a thing down and figuring out how it all comes together. The simple and the elegant also have their own attractions. They sometimes tend to be the hardest things to really comprehend. Look at a baby’s smile. You can get into all the physiology and the mechanics of how it works. Yet the most marvellous thing is that the single sincere expression of an infant is so powerful and disarming that you cannot help but feel the utmost affection for it. How on earth do you explain that feeling of deep warmth and love triggered by something so unassuming?

There is a blogger whose work I really appreciate because it so unlike mine. Where mine is so cerebral and just worked up, hers is easy going and fun (and much shorter than mine, thank God.) For example the post of hers that really caught my attention was ingeniously titled That Ass, Though. She doesn’t think the way I do and it makes what she does so refreshing whenever I read it. Even though her content is very different from mine, I find that our goals somehow strangely align. She and countless others are just as passionate as and gifted and it goes to show my way can’t be the only way of doing things.

Sometimes we are cooped up too long in our own ways of seeing the world. We need to step outside into the bright sun of imagination and see how other minds work and view the world. You never know, you might learn a thing or two.


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