The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #8

To be Christian

I love hip-hop. It’s a genre of music I really enjoy for many reasons. A few months ago I was listening to an interview of a hip-hop artist called Andy Mineo. One of the presenters of the show he was on asked him why he does not want to be known as a Christian hip-hop artist. His response was when the plumber comes around does he say he is Christian plumber? His argument was simple. He wanted to be taken seriously as a professional, as an artist, and his work judged on the quality of his craft. However this did not mean he compromised on his faith because his convictions would show through his art as much as it should in other facets of his life.

Mr. Mineo would be the first to admit that he did not always think of himself in that way. Like most believers we make the mistake of sectioning of our lives into artificial compartments. Usually we place our faith under the spiritual or religious category. That place is where Jesus is allowed while in other areas we take charge. I am as guilty as the next guy of this error. We were taught to separate out lives with labels like “spiritual life” and “personal life.”

The thing is I am a Christian. I do not have a spiritual life, my life is spiritual. As Dr Michael Ramsden pointed out, being a believer is an ontological category. I cannot pray to be a better Christian as much as I cannot want to be more human. I am a Christian first and foremost, and I am other things as well. Even when we look at our biology we see we are complex wholes. Our life stories are even more complex and integrated.

I want to take this blog in a new direction that reflects all of me. I am going to talk about what I am interested in whether it is explicitly Christian or not. One of my major quests which you can see in this blog is the search to find a truly biblical worldview. If I subscribe to the Christian worldview it should be implicit in whatever I do, including what I blog. I am a complex being living in a complex world. It is high time the nuance and sophistication I call for in studying the Bible reflect in all my thinking and writing.


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