The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #6

Entertaining a different way

It is a fundamental part of our make up to ask about things. This is not an accident. God himself put this urge within us. If God is not bothered by our questions why then is it that in the Church we often do not like them?

To ask a question is to entertain the possibility that there is a different way of looking at something. Our various church traditions do things in a certain way. Just because something has been done always in a particular way does not make it right. It also does not make it wrong. We do not serve tradition but tradition is meant to serve us. It provides the grid through which we interpret our world. The Christian experience is rooted in truth and our traditions must be subservient to the truth. Now if something is true then it is one way or another knowable.

We need to be able to practice our faith with understanding. The truth remains the truth. At one time or another we must confront it or better yet, it will confront us. If our traditions do no match up with reality they will fail us. We need to stand on solid ground. It better to change our traditions than to be swept away with them because they are not anchored to the truth.


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