Total Worship: Summary

A short summary of Total Worship I II.

Worship in the Bible was understood from a communal level down to the private individual which is the reverse of the modern privatised worldview. The communal nature of worship is because it is the human vocation of being God’s image bearers. This means we are God’s representatives, reflecting his glory into the creation. Humans are therefore the pinnacle of God’s creation. As such humanity represents the created order before God. Worship is then a cosmic issue.

As the leaders of creation, the human fulfilment of their divine purpose has cosmic consequences. When humanity sinned it led the creation astray into disorder, death and decay. The restoration of creation is the restoration of worship. This is when humans implement divine order in the creation and reflect the excellence of creation back to God in worship.

The scriptures often anthropomorphize creation worshipping God. This is a reality through the Spirit. In the Biblical worldview the creation is literally alive by the breath of God. When humans worship God in the Spirit they articulate the inarticulate praises of a living creation sustained by the Spirit. Humans are cosmic worship leaders.

In the resurrection of Jesus Christ living worship is truly fulfilled through the inauguration of new life in the creation. When we preach the good news the cosmos is made aware that divine order is being restored.



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