Reclaiming Biblical Literacy: Summary

This is a short summary of Reclaiming Biblical Literacy.

Literacy is a more complex thing than being able to read and write. In the oral cultures of the ancient world of the Bible literacy meant something different from today’s understanding. We therefore need to learn the proper skills to be able to understand the Biblical texts. Biblical literacy is having access to the biblical texts and being equipped with the skills to handle it responsibly and use it productively.

As the family of God the scriptures are central to our identity. As such it is a priority for every believer to be Biblically educated. Studies of ancient oral cultures show it is possible for people, no matter their educational background, to have a sophisticated grasp of the scriptures. This initiative requires effort of every Christian from clergy, scholars and church members everywhere.

It is unacceptable for a Christian due to their economic status to not have access to sound Biblical education. Such kinds of inequality do not demonstrate we are one people with one Lord. As an expression of our love for each other, the more privileged have the responsibility to share with their less fortunate siblings. We need innovative and culturally relevant approaches to eradicate Biblical illiteracy.


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