Light on the Darkness: Summary

This a summary of Light on the Darkness.

Polytheism, the worship of many gods, is completely contrary to Biblical monotheism, the worship of YHWH, the one true God of Israel. The Bible acknowledges there primal, personal, supernatural forces of nature. However, these spirits are created beings under the authority of God and should not be worshipped as divine. Therefore, indulging in the polytheistic worldview or anything associated with is a departure from serving the God of the Bible.

Occult means something hidden. It is a major aspect of the polytheistic worldview, as such, it is abominable in the sight of God. Since their is not much detail about individual occult practices in the Bible there are four interrelated general features of the occult that can be identified in the Bible. They are:

  1. Idolatry – The particular form of polytheistic theology where primal forces  are served through man-made representations i.e. idols.
  2. Mysticism – The privileged sect of mediators between the deities and devotees. They are the priests, shamans, gurus etc. They are the select practitioners and custodians of mystical knowledge.
  3. Divination – The determination and communication of the will of the gods. Examples are the use of mediums and omen reading.
  4. Magic – The manipulation of primal forces through mystical means by symbolically representing them with material objects.

Cultural syncretism happens when one cultured is mixed with another but is then mistaken as an authentic part of the original culture. Sometimes through cultural syncretism occult influences are found in the Church. Some signs of occult influence in the Church are:

  1. Christian thinking and practices begin to resemble the prevailing culture more than Biblical theology.
  2. God is portrayed like one of the gods of polytheism. For example he is the means to fulfill personal agenda like executing private vendettas. In other words he can be manipulated and negotiated with.
  3. Christian ministers are seen as God’s exclusive representatives. They are the sole interpreters of the will of God. The congregation is completely dependent on them regarding how they should live.
  4. Due to such elitist behaviour there is a correspondent dip in character and accountability among Christian leaders. These minister are often involved in questionable and even scandalous acts. Worst of all they try and justify the unjustifiable.

The Bible warns us not to be succumb to the seduction of the occult. It can occur through very subtle means through cultural influences in the society.


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