The Pilgrim’s Pensieve #1

My Reason to Blog

I have been blogging for about eight months now and it has been an interesting journey.There are quite a few things that inspired me to try this. First of all the technology and the right platforms exist to be able to freely share your thoughts. However, the question of what you are going to talk about remains. When I looked at the state of Christianity, particular my corner of Christendom as a Ghanaian charismatic, I saw a need, a need for fresh perspectives. Not only to give different answers to the issues but to ask the questions differently.

There is a great disconnect between popular Pentecostal/Charismatic theology and Biblical scholarship, in fact with academia in general. I want to bridge the gap and show charismatic theology and practices can be rationally presented and clearly explained. I strongly believe in the vibrant, diverse and even at times supernatural activity of the spirit of God in today’s Church. A person who shares a similar belief does not have to be uncritical or irrational to accept these things. I believe there are good reasons and explanations for why they happen and their purpose.

There is an apologetic component with this agenda. First to those who are sceptical of such strange and wonderful things to carefully consider. Secondly, and most importantly, to combat the errors and abuses committed in the name of the Spirit, many of which have been ingrained in contemporary charismatic consciousness and self-understanding. Some of these problems are the reason people are sceptical and mistrust the movement. Some of them are even victims.

The Charismatic movement needs to be seriously re-examined from within. It is not perfect and there is much room for learning and correction. The question I raise in this blog is this, is there only one way to be charismatic? Do you have to go the way of Benny Hinn or T.B. Joshua or any other well-known Charismatic leader for that matter? Can we not learn from other sources, from different viewpoints?

A pilgrimage is a journey, and like all great journeys it is an adventure, there is something new to be discovered. However we cannot learn new things if we tread down the old paths that lead to the same destinations. I want to challenge the reader as I have challenged myself. Dare to look at things differently, dare to ask the difficult questions, dare to dig deeper than you have ever been before. Unless we take the risk that we might discover in our pursuit of the truth what we previously thought could be wrong, we will never fully know what God has in store for us. The truth is only for the brave.


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