The True Story: Summary

This is a quick overview summarising the main points of The True Story.

Three features of the truth

  1. Semiotic truth.
  2. Existential truth.
  3. Narratival truth.

Semiotic means it is represented through meaningful signs and symbols. Whether it is by logical propositions all the way through to artistic impressions the truth can be communicated.

These signs and symbols are representative of real things. This is the existential quality of truth. Truth statements must correspond to existential realities and not just private sentiments.

Humans intrinsically understand the world through stories. The truth is therefore the story of how the world really is. This is the narratival quality of truth.

In the Bible the big story of the cosmos (existential truth) is told by its Maker through various smaller narratives (narratival truth) which meaningfully coalesce in the sacred scriptures (semiotic truth). This is called the Gospel, the Word of Truth.


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