A thoughtful meditation on fellowship with God.

An OPEN mind

When you go through the scriptures, you will come across many different kinds of men. The most remarkable ones being those called the patriarchs. These are men (not necessarily men as such) who had peculiar relations with the Father. The stories told of them are popular. They cover their great feats. It is no surprise they accomplished much. The Bible does say that they that know their God shall do great exploits. (Daniel 11.32)

Feats like slaying whole armies with just a jaw bone, or calling fire from heaven or parting the red sea are indeed worthy of praise. However there is another angle of the stories. This part we seldom look at critically. All the men of God who have come and gone; and even those around know this truth. It is called fellowship. These greats of old spent time with God. It is for this reason that…

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